Climate-Proof City – The Planner’s Workbook

The planner’s workbook for climate-proof city provides a collection of tools, best practices and reports about the impacts of climate change and how to implement the adaptation activities.

This workbook is designated for urban planners and city officials who have to deal with the consequences of climate change. It also provides vital information for land owners, city residents and companies operating in fields of construction and green building. Watch an introduction video of the workbook.

The workbook includes:

Best adaptation practices from Finland and abroad
Studies and reports about the impacts of climate change and adaptation
Tools and techniques for planning and implementing adaptation activities

Best practices, reports and tools have been divided under four main themes, each of them having its own theme colour. The themes are adaptation implementation, storm water management, green infrastructure, and urban heat islands.

ILKKA-project was coordinated by the City of Helsinki and other members of the consortium were Cities of Lahti, Turku and Vantaa, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Finnish Meteorological Institute and the University of Turku. Read more about the project.